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Bariatric Resources

Tips, education, and advice for bariatric patients

Bariatric Information: Articles & Resources

All our weight loss patients are welcome to participate in our FaceBook group! It's a great place to ask questions about surgery and get answers from providers and patients alike.

Adhering to a bariatric diet doesn't mean you have to sacrifice taste! This site has thousands of delicious low-volume, low-calorie options

Online forum for a variety of bariatric-related topics

A great website and blog from a bariatric patient-turned-coach. She details what inspired her to pursue bariatric surgery, the challenges before and after surgery, and tips for maximizing success. On YouTube as well.

A blog created and maintained by a very forward thinking bariatric patient. It has a lot of good resources for all things related to weight loss surgery. Lots of great recipes! On Facebook as well.

Free app that allows patients to connect with other patients and also purchase bariatric products online

Free app for patients to use to help keep track of diet regimens, weight loss, appointments, and goals

The leading national advocate for access to care for bariatric services and an excellent forum for patients and providers alike. Leading national advocate for policy and insurance matters.

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